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AUA-X2 AUA-S2 HS-30 High Precision Fiber Cleaver Cutting Tools
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AUA-X2 Rose Gold FTTH Fiber Optic Knife Tools Cutter Fiber Cleaver 24 Surface Blade

Optical fiber cutter is mainly used for cutting optical fiber. The quality of the cutting knife of the optical fiber welding machine directly determines the quality of the optical fiber cutting, including whether the end face of the optical fiber is smooth, whether the angle of the end face meets the technical requirements, etc., and directly determines whether the optical fiber welding can meet the technical requirements of the project.

Product Application: In the connection of all optical fibers, such as communication optical cable construction, fault repair and LAN optical cable construction, the end face of the connected optical fiber should be cut well, which must use the optical fiber cleaver.


- Automatic tool return design

- With waste fiber storage box

- Cold joint and hot melt general

- 3 in 1 universal fixture 

- 24-point tungsten steel blade


- Cutting angle: about 0.5° degrees

- Fiber diameter type: 125µm

- Cutting length: 9-16mm (Ø 0.25) / 10-16mm (Ø 0.25)

- Blade service: about 32000 times

- Optimal operating temperature: -40-80°C

- Optimal storage temperature: -40-80°C

- Weight: 272g

- Dimension: 65mm(W) x 60mm(D) x 57mm(H)

What in the box:

- 1 x Cutting knife, 1 x Knife adjustment wrench, 1 x Portable package, 1 x Instruction book

AUA-S2 High-Precision Fiber Cleaver Cutter Machine

High precision optical fiber cutter is the new type of optical fiber cutter with excellent cutting angle and fiber fracture surface. The operation is simple, and the use is more convenient. It can greatly improve the working efficiency.


- Can meet FTTH the heat-fusible fiber a multi-purpose cutter

- Products using high-strength blade surface 16 points, longer life

- Comes with triple fixtures can be incision line, pigtails, and bare fiber

- Just put away the cover and push in the fiber slide to complete all the cutting work


Name: High Precision Optical Fiber Cleaver  

Application: silicon optical fiber

Cutting the bare fiber diameter: 125um

Optical fiber coating diameter: 250-900um

Cutting angle: 0.5 (single core fiber)

Blade cutting life: 48000 times


- Telecommunications engineering and repair.

- CATV engineering and maintenance.

- Cable manufacturers.

What in the box:

- 1 x Cutting knife, 1 x Knife adjustment wrench, 1 x Portable package, 1 x Instruction book

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